My test for Archie´s Sonic X in 2005 (Part 2)

Mr. Pellerito requested me as a test to draw the first 5 pages of Sonic the Hedgehog 160, which was just released at the time, I think 161 wasn´t even released yet. So I did, but as I said in the previous post, I was unexperienced and had various problem with camera, perspective and refinement. At the time also, I was wanting to really draw Sonic X, I had no interest in the regular Sonic the Hedgehog because of all the crap made before in the comic the the other writer (really, until today most of the issues prior to Sonic 159 are unreadable for me), but of course if I was hired for it, was going to do anyway. But, Mike said I wasn´t ready yet, and needed more pratice and try again later because he liked my style.

Maybe some day, huh? ^^

My test for Archie´s Sonic X in 2005. (Part 1)

That year, Sonic X was a sucess on TV, so a comic based on it was made by Archie Comics. The anime was possible the thing I liked most in the 2000´s, so I wanted to draw for it, so I did this small portfolio, but I was very unexperienced with comics in that time, but it caught attention from Mike Pellerito which was the editor of Sonic comics that time. And requested me to do a new test…

To be continued. :V

You never seen Viper like this before. She´ll save Francisco?
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Still working in the new animation, it´ll take a while to get done.

The Mighty Purple Dragon
Alfred originally was going to be the main character, inteasted of Rocky and possible is the only character that I didn´t changed the personality from the beggining to the end, even on XDragoon Rockstar as Albert, he´s the same.  In 2004, when I did the original pilot think him as main character wouldn´t fit with the propouse.

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Chris Sanders’ “Sanders’ Style Surfin’”

Mucho importante

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While you´re all reading chapter 27, I´m working on Chapters 29 to 33!

The Hot-Blooded Red Dragon

Phillip is a character that many people love and many hate… Well, I must admit he would not be easy to live with this stone head, but is a character that presented the most impacting battles with his firey power. Both of his battle with Hammer, I felt the heatness of the scenes when draw. Originally the character was going to really die in the beggining after fights Rocky, but his different design and characteristic make me give him a bigger role in the story.  One of his wishes is to fight Rocky again.

XDragoon 27: And the battle is over, read now how the titanic battle bethween Rock and Ruby finished!!


Don’t worry.

The Mega Man Brigade has your blog covered.

They´re aiming to Capcom

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The Little Turquoise Dragon
Lance is possible the most changed character in the whole series, initially introduced as a bad guy and later becoming a young hero. Originally, Lance was a foe who Illusion was going to kill in Chapter 5, but I preferred to save him for later and develop better the character. What a change, huh? One of less cared characters in the beggining, become one of fan favorites in Jambo and Morphs arcs.

Rocky´s final attack is revealed!! New pages at